Weekly Newsletter #1

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Hello Sunflower Families,

Welcome to the San Tan Web Page!  This format will be our new way of sharing important information on a week to week basis as we wrap up 2019 and head on in to 2020!

There is much to be on board with!

MAP testing takes place this week on Wednesday and Friday.  We are reminding the students that it is information that we gather for them and us to be able to track the progress against themselves, and not about competing with each other.  We celebrate our individual progress and measure against ourselves in our Individualize Learning Plans.

Montessori Mondays are now in place to wear our Sunflower t-shirts!  They have been painted and have gone home with children Tuesday of this week.  Some families have chosen not to purchase one, and that is fine.  For those who did not have one and have decided now they want one, please simply contact me and let me know: JBittinger@santancs.com and I will give you the link to order one.

December 12 –Agritopia Farms field trip is coming up!   Thank you to all the parents whom have turned their forms and money in!  Deadline is Friday!

Celebration of Light Music Concert –December 12th. This will be an outstanding opportunity to enjoy the spirit of the season and the spirit of your child in the context of community celebration. Children should come to the classroom at 4:30 and the concert will begin in the gym at 5:00.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Words Their Way weekly spelling is still in place.  If there is a question about your child’s words, please contact me.  Our weekly assessment is Friday.

This should be the first newsletter that you can read through the San Tan website.  Please add this link to your favorites and check in regularly.  (jbittinger.santancharterschool.com)  If there are glitches, please let me know.